Your Ultimate Charging Solution - G-POWER GT19

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A range of incredible features that make it your ideal charging solution.

G-POWER GT19 Ultra Power Pillar

140W Two-Way
Fast Charging

High Capacity Battery

Fully Self-Recharged
Within 19 Minutes

Continuous 140W
Input & Output


Compatible with Multiple Fast
Charging Protocols

Meet a Variety of
Charging Scenarios

Charge Faster: 140W Unleashed

Experience unparalleled charging with the G-POWER GT19 Ultra Power Pillar. Boasting a 140W constant power output, it fully recharges in only 19 minutes. Enjoy fast, dependable charging for your devices, eliminating battery anxiety wherever you are.

19mins to 100%
7h to 100%
Embrace AI and Create the Power Future with G-POWER GLOBAL AI LAB.

Embrace AI and Create the Power Future with G-POWER GLOBAL AI LAB.

Evaluation Laboratory

Ever wanted to be the first to try out our newest tech for free?
Now's your chance with our G-POWER Evaluation Laboratory! If you get selected, we'll send you the latest samples, you test them out, and then share your thoughts with us.

Charging Lessions

Uncovering the Secrets of Our 140W Super-Fast Mobile Power Bank

Ever find yourself engaged in an epic mobile game battle, only to have your phone die at a critical moment? Or rushing out the door in the morning with both your laptop and portable charger depleted? Fear not - G-POWER's new 140W mobile power bank is here to save the day.

Your Personal "The Flash" - A 12,000mAh Mobile Power Bank That Fully Charges in Just 19 Minutes

Dear friends, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your phone is dying and your charger is miles away? Don't worry, G-POWER has a magic solution - a mobile power bank that will become your very own "The Flash" to save the day!

Tips for Keeping Your Mobile Power Bank Running Longer

Avoid Temperature Extremes:
Batteries don't like extreme heat or cold. Keep your devices and chargers out of direct sunlight or freezing conditions as much as possible.

Red Dot Design Award

IF Design Award

IDEA Design Award

Good Design Award